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Core77 Design Awards

I am on the jury for the Research and Strategy category for this event. Am looking forward to working with the other members of the jury and to find out what is up an coming:

2015 Core77 Design Awards

An annual celebration of
excellence in all areas of design.

The 2015 Core77 Design Awards is a celebration of excellence in all areas of design. The program enlists an international jury of design experts to honor those who present creative, innovative and forward thinking designs across 14 traditional and progressive categories.
Students and professionals alike are invited to enter their work so that established, as well as up-and-coming designers can gain visibility and recognition from the global design community. Winners of the Core77 Design Awards receive yearlong publicity across the Core77 network, a trophy as well as a free ticket to the 2015 Core77 Conference.

2015 marks the fifth year of the Core77 Design Awards and the introduction of a new honor from the program, the Core77 Community Choice. Those who are selected as winners, runners up and honorable mentions by the jury will be voted upon by the public for two weeks following the official winner’s announcements in May. The person or team to receive the most votes during the following two weeks will win the Community Choice title, plus airfare, accommodations and free ticket for one to the 2015 Core77 Conference in Los Angeles.
The Core77 Design Awards program is open for entries from February 9th until March 31st. Winners of the Core77 Design Awards will be announced on May 5th and public voting for the Community Choice title will begin on May 6th and run until May 20th. The winner of the Community Choice title will be announced the following week on May 26th.

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