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'sketch-note feedback' from keynote

  This is a sketch-note done of a recent keynote of mine. It is an invaluable form of feedback for a presenter. It shows what someone else heard from the presentation, how topics were related and what concepts were foreground and what were background — all from the perspective of an attentive listener. This is an invaluable service. Much more valuable than just a transcript of critical reviews. The sketch-note author in this instance is Manisha Laroia — Thank you Manisha.
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Podcast Interview on Questions from The Design Way

  I was recently interviewed by a young design professional (Greg Williams) for his podcast. He gives me hope for the next generation of design scholars:  "Thank you, Dr. Nelson! The episode is now live. This link has the live episode and includes links to common places people access podcasts"

Design Mural - quotes

  Very interesting and insightful collection of design quotes . Seminal thread runs throughout the ideas and concepts: Design mural