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Forming a Systemic Design Team Workshop

RSD2 Workshop description AHO, Oslo October 9, 2013 The experience of becoming a member of a systemic design team Harold Nelson, Ph.D. Robert Sandusky, B. Arch, LA A one-day workshop for experiencing systemic design teams as self-organizing social systems. Participants in this workshop were presented with a series of guiding schemas for the overall workshop and for each of the three exercises. The exercises were a combination of individual and group work. The exercise was critiqued on how well participants thought they did in meeting the objective of the exercise, which was to  experience  a change in the interrelationships of an emerging systemic design team. The workshop was focused on creating an experience of three significant transformations in the evolution of a design team. It also included each individual reporting out reflectively the essence of their experiences—i.e. what would each participant take away from having had such experiences with others? Prospective participants w

Center for Systemic Design draft prospectus

    PROSPECTUS Center for Advanced Systemic Designing Introduction  Our futures can be approached in four ways: 1) drifting—adapting to whatever happens,  2) colliding—reacting and enduring,  3) retreating—backing away from undesirable states or conditions, or   4) advancing—navigating into desirable states-of-affairs. The norm nowadays is to drift, collide or retreat into the future. The fourth approach, the proactive approach, is the more apt response given the complex challenges and rising expectations that are the new norm for the foreseeable future.  The fourth approach depends on the agency of individuals who have the capacity to handle the challenge of securing desired outcomes in indeterminate situations on behalf of concomitant stakeholders and clients. They achieve this by serving—design agency—as members of design teams and design cohorts. These systemic designers are skilled polymaths who have the ability to create assemblies of essential elements into coherent whole system