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architecture; making the invisible visible

Architecture can be practiced as a form of applied science or applied art without penalty in the real world. But architecture can be practiced as a form of design as well. In this talk design will be presented as the favored form of praxis. The question asked is: what does the practice of architecture—as design—look like and how does it differ from art and science? It is believed that we understand a great deal about what technology is and what art is and how it applies to architecture. However, we do not understand what design is to the same degree. Design as a third culture—a tertium quid (a third way)—is the fundamental postulate for this talk. From this stance a number of axioms are drawn that define design in a broad and deep way. An example of how this approach plays out in describing and explaining what design does—in this instance making the invisible visible—is used to explore the nature of design from a systemic perspective—i.e. deep design. The q

healthcare design Australia

Healthcare is in crisis in many parts of the world. Design as a strategy for creative, innovative and intentional change is gaining attention from leadership in healthcare. An example is an event in Australia that approaches healthcare design as an opportunity for healthcare and related professionals to take on the role of designer in order to transform their organizations into design competent organizations able to design healthcare systems.

systemic design call for abstracts

Relating Systems Thinking & Design 2013 Emerging Contexts for Systemic Design AHO – Oslo School of Architecture & Design                    Oslo, Norway                   9th-11th October 2013 Relating Systems Thinking and Design is a free and open symposium over two days with a preceeding full day with diverse workshops and a subsequent special issue in FORMakademisk . We encourage you to submit your abstracts and to concider joining the workshops. We are interrested in both work in progress and more developed contributions. 9th October: Workshops 1oth – 11th October: Symposium Call for abstracts The emerging renaissance of systems thinking in design responds to the increasing complexity in all challenges faced by designers and transdisciplinary innovators. Our worlds have become too complex for linear and goal-driven management, resulting in hopelessly complicated social, economic, and political systems. The global demand for sustainability, democratic econo