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The Many, Many Faces of Design

Narratives are finally emerging that make the case for discernment (see below) rather than negation by assumption or assertion which is too often the case. This is a healthy trend. For example see Donald Norman's focus on the term 'product design': Forwarded Message ----- From:  Don Norman < > To:  " " < > Sent:  Sunday, December 15, 2019, 01:31:56 PM MST Subject:  Product Design means too many different things to be a useful description There is product design, and then there is product design. The request for lists o product design courses is understandable, but not only not useful, but it is not nearly specific enough. A financial product is very different from a medical one, which is different than a bridge, or building, or automobile. These are different than kitchen appliances. Engineering design courses tend to focus on, guess what, engineering aspects.

Design Mind - slides from presentation

U. Montana Innovation Factory presentation

Design is a term growing in frequency of use in public and private discourse for good reasons although the term is used to designate a diversity of activities that may or may not have anything in common with one another. Students, academics and the public are asking with some insistence; “what the hell is design?” This presentation will initiate a conversation that begins to answer that question.  Innovation factory presentation