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Ted Gioia - AI & Music et al

  Although not advertised as such, this interview with Ted Gioia is an example of a quintessential ‘master class’. The bonus is that this class is focused on the relationship between AI and creativity including but not limited to, music, literature,     and film et al. He is also a seminal example of how polymaths think and work. Unfortunately he is not yet acquainted with design – particularly systemic design…yet.   Gioia Ted on AI and creativity  

Natural Thinking vs Artificial Thinking

  Watched the whole series from the perspective of a systemic designer. I lost count of the number of times that: “…we didn’t think’, “….we didn’t know’. “…we didn’t connect the dots” etc etc. was mentioned. I think that our leaders and advisors could benefit with some competence in systemic designing. I don't think AI or related algorithms will make things better without increased ability to think more competently about complex, entangled events. It is not about 'artificial' thinking. It is about elevated 'natural' thinking.   Watch Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror | Netflix Official Site