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52 Living Ideas playlist of The Design Way YouTube videos:

Systemic Design Top Ten

  RSD 10 (Relating Systems and Design) conference is about to begin! I was honored to discover that I was listed as one of the top 10 contributors to Systemic Design : Proud to be part of such a distinguished group of scholars and colleagues.

systems +

  My lecture on ' systems + ' can be linked to on my web site under media and publications, or on my YouTube channel at:

The Design Way: Prelude - a discussion

  The Design Way: Prelude @ You are a Designing Animal 52 Living Ideas Monday, October 4, 2021 9:00 PM ET Online event   33 Thoughtful Conversationalists going, including: Stephen Kastner "I am a new-media content creator and publisher, (writer, photographer, filmmaker,..." Sara Shrikant "I cordially welcome you to join us in great conversations on The 103 Great Ideas." Ro Maritza Evanique Lindsey We will be discussing the “Prelude” chapter. See the introductory Meetup “You are a Designing Animal” and other short videos describing the project here:  See a 12 minute preview of ... LEARN MORE

free viewing of 'Urbanization' on Youtube

  The film 'Urbanization' by Gary Hustwit is free on Youtube until September 19th: urbanized — Oh You Pretty Things

visiting faculty Master Executive Program in Systems Oriented Design

  I am honored to be the first visiting faculty presenter in the new Master Executive Program in Systems Oriented Design at AHO (Oslo School of Architecture and Design). I will present my class on September 16th — by Zoom of course. My presentation will focus on 'Systems +'. Executive Master of Systems Oriented Design

multidisciplinary design?

  Some approaches to design do not fit into organizations of extreme hierarchy, extreme siloing, extreme specialization... It is a challenge: .

'sketch-note feedback' from keynote

  This is a sketch-note done of a recent keynote of mine. It is an invaluable form of feedback for a presenter. It shows what someone else heard from the presentation, how topics were related and what concepts were foreground and what were background — all from the perspective of an attentive listener. This is an invaluable service. Much more valuable than just a transcript of critical reviews. The sketch-note author in this instance is Manisha Laroia — Thank you Manisha.

Podcast Interview on Questions from The Design Way

  I was recently interviewed by a young design professional (Greg Williams) for his podcast. He gives me hope for the next generation of design scholars:  "Thank you, Dr. Nelson! The episode is now live. This link has the live episode and includes links to common places people access podcasts"

Design Mural - quotes

  Very interesting and insightful collection of design quotes . Seminal thread runs throughout the ideas and concepts: Design mural

New European Bauhaus

Good news for anyone interested in a broader and deeper approach to design .   Nice to see this expanded intention: But I want this to be more than an environmental or economic project. The European Green Deal must also - and especially -– be a new cultural project for Europe. Every movement has its own look and feel. And this systemic change needs its own aesthetics - blending design and sustainability.    However, the challenge is to not let this exciting opportunity become just a single issue movement—sustainability—as important as that is. The challenge is to expand attention on design beyond problematic issues to more inclusive desires for holistic and prudent development programs across all human enterprise.