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The Humanities crisis isn't academic

This is an excellent article concerning the crisis with The Humanities that is so prevalent in public discourse nowadays. The author makes the assertion that the crisis is not academic ie with universities. Hopefully this article will begin a longer conversation on the relationships among The Arts and Humanities, Science and Technology and  serious Design—a Systemic conversation.   

Don Norman on Design

  In Don Norman's video , he explains why traditional design needs to be nudged towards 'design thinking'. He makes some excellent points and makes a strong case for 'design' as more than mere appearance. However, 'systemic design', is even more essential for improving the human condition than 'design thinking'. 'Systemic design' is not 'design thinking (problem-solving) but they share many of the same aspirations. Don's video is a good start in gaining some understanding in this. Thanks Don. Check my website ( ) for additional resources on making design and systems (systemic design) better understood than is the norm.