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The Design Way Spanish edition


Planning vs Strategy by Roger Martin

  Roger Martin on planning and strategy   This presentation is an excellent example of disclosing and making transparent terms, concepts and ideas used causally or recklessly in common exchange. Roger Martin (leader in organizational management and education) discusses what ‘planning’ and ‘strategy’ is in contrast and in particular. This is exemplary in how to approach thinking about seminal concepts carefully in social science and social media.    Although his examples are drawn from large scale business organizations the generalizable insights are applicable to a number of domains including professions, governmental agencies, academia and military organizations. Additionally, as a bonus in this presentation, ‘design’ is introduced towards the end at an equally disclosive and transparent level of discourse.

Time With Russell Ackoff - videos

 Exceptional summary of Acoff's ideas: Time With Russell Ackoff video   Pt 1   pt 2   pt 3   pt 4   pt 5   Navy 2 day training